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Vote for David Hogan to represent Ohio's 61st House District

Thank you for your support!

About David

I am David Hogan, a politically left-leaning moderate running for State Representative in the 61st Ohio district. I am running to ensure that our state government will finally protect the rights of women, LGBTQ citizens, our public schools, and everyone else here in Ohio. I invite you to join me in my campaign for building a better state government.


Ohio deserves rational, bipartisan leadership that opts for moderation over extremism. 

On the Issues
Issue 2 (Cannabis)

Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed Issue 2 legalizing cannabis, three months ago, yet our state legislature thwarts enacting the will of the people. Even our conservative Governor Mike Dewine -- an authentic Republican -- urged prompt implementation to stay ahead of illicit distributors, but the Ohio House and Senate insist that it must first go through their extensive "committee" process. In other words, they intend to delay implementation of this law as long as they can. Our state government should serve its people, not defy them.


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